our story

The delightful things in life, the products that make you smile everytime you walk past/ look at them are often difficult to source.

We bring them all together for you in an ever evolving online marketplace that makes you feel like you could be walking down the streets of Marakesh or the cobbled pathways of Paris finding these treasures to bring home that become part of your daily life.

Be the best you can be,

surround your self with beauty

live an inspired life…

Tessa xx 

DTLL is a totally family run and owned business based on the Northern Beaches in Sydney. I am a mum of two working from home as are most of the people we employ at DTLL, we are a team that truly enjoys sharing, supporting and collaborating with like minded people.

In the 3 years prior to DTLL Launching I created and designed Down That Little Lane (DTLL) in my mind. I was always a book marker, I just couldn't help myself. When I found something unique I saved it to come back too, I mean what if it hadn't been able to find it again?! Oh the travesty!

My speciality is gathering unusual gifts and home décor and my friends were always asking for recommendations. I had lots of mini fist pump moments when they then bought those suggested products or someone asked me where I got the present that I bought their child as they wanted to buy one for someone else. I realised there wasn’t a single shop I could guarantee finding delightful gifts or home wares that I could send them.

Using the treasured places I spent many years sourcing, I gathered them all in one place where you can shop from all sorts of different stores and checkout in one easy payment. 

From the look and feel of the website…to the font, logo, and colours…I knew exactly what I wanted in the DTLL site. We are highly curated and store applications are not only based on whether they fit our criteria of being stunning, well made and something that makes your heart beat faster but also that they fit our family ethos. They need to compliment our current stores but also not be too similar as we do not want to bore our customers with repeat styles.

Our mission statement is “We aim to attract an elite community of fine product makers and suppliers and become the best on-line multi-store in Australia,” I think this reflects our commitment to selecting every seller by their high-end, independent and niche products.

To this day we are still spending endless hours visiting little boutiques, pottering around quirky markets, and reading blogs, magazines and forums to find items we know you will love.

We bring you quality not quantity and in doing so we can ensure our customer service and quality of product is maintained at the highest of levels, something we are very proud of.