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DTLL (DTLL Pty Ltd, ABN 451 589 864 97) acts as a platform to allow purchases between sellers and buyers and is therefore an agent. We cannot be responsible for the information our sellers supply and have no part in the purchases between our sellers and buyers.

When you complete checkout you are forming a contract to purchase the item in your basket . Sellers can modify, discontinue or change the price of an item prior to checkout and it is your responsibility to ensure the item is as originally selected prior to purchase.

As a buyer, it is also your responsibility to make sure that you are legally entitled to fulfill checkout on any item you purchase
Please read each stores T&C's and refund policies if you are not sure at any time.

DTLL is entitled to amend  the Terms and Conditions, the Fees and the Policies, all or any of them by posting amended versions of them on the website. It is the users responsibility to be aware of changes to the T&C's of DTLL 

Registration to Sell
Upon applying to become a seller on DTLL you will be asked to agree to these T&C's.  You should only agree to these conditions if you accept them in their entirety. Once your registration is complete you will be be bound to the T&C's  as detailed beneath when using www.downthatlittlelane.com.au. 

Due to PR, Admin and Advertising Costs associated with DTLL promoting your items in the media, once active on DTLL you may not close your store for a 6 month period from activation or remove items unless they have sold out and are no longer available to be re stocked. If you do so you will be liable for an early exit fee of $350 to cover our costs.

Please be aware that we expect an applicant to become and active seller within 4 weeks of approval, active sellers should display at least 4 items unless they only produce 1 or 2 and we approved them on this or they will risk loosing their store to allow another seller in that area to come aboard. We do not want to become over populated in any certain areas so cannot hold store spaces for inactive sellers

You must not disclose to any other person any user name and password that you create

We (DTLL) reserve the right to validate the information provided in your registration via a third party and request you not use inaccurate or misleading details. It is your responsibility to update such details as as and when needed.

Once a checkout has been completed details of that sold item cannot be changed under any circumstances and you must ensure that all items available for sale are not replica or copies of any other brand or designer and that no brand name or trademark has been violated. We expect any sellers having alternate stock on alternate websites to price match at all times

If you have mutliple items available on mutiple sites it is your responsiblity to keep stock up to date, any items sold that are not available at that time must be refunded in full. If an item description is deemed inaccurate by a purchaser and they seek a refund based on such information the seller will offer a full refund including all costs

We request ABN and GST registration details if they are relevant to your business and if you are registering as a business, you are confirming you are authorised to act on behalf of that business.

Setting up a shop on DTLL is free and for stores not selling on any other invitation only australian platforms we purely charge a 10% commission plus GST on each sale that will be obtained at checkout. For those that sell across other websites other than user owned, madeit and etsy the rate will be 20% +GST

DTLL has the right to redesign, alter, or change the content and appearance of a page on www.downthatlittlelane.com.au

You are not permitted to put contact information or direct/indirect links to other websites on your product page or within any sold items delivered to our customers any or seller found to do so may have their accounts disabled by DTLL and/or removed

Circum naviagtion of fees is not allowed and any seller or buyer suspected of doing so may have their accounts disabled by DTLL and/or removed

We expect sellers to maintain a good customer service record by posting promptly after payment, not overcharging on associated fees and ensuring items arrive to thier purchasers in good order and as described. Repeat negative feedback may result in accounts being disabled by DTLL and/or removed. Any abusive behaviour in any way shape or form will result in the same

It is the sellers responsibilty to issue a tax invoice to the buyer if so requested and you have 28 days to do so from date of request

By using Paypal for receiving payment you must ensure you abide by the PayPal Acceptable Use Policy
We (DTLL) may terminate the contract at any time by notifying either party in writing

You may also terminate the contract at any time by contacting DTLL at sellers@downthatlittlelane.com.au.