wedding list


When you are pottering around you can add any item you like to a gift list, wish list or simply form a collection of items

You can create as many lists as you like, so if you are getting married you could have "The White's Family Wedding List" and "The White's Friends Wedding List", add whatever you like and then select it to publish....all you need to do is give them the unique URL code and they can then go to Wishlist and select the friends list tab. They then type in your code you have given them which is attached to your gift list and select your list appropriate to them..

The same can be done for Birthdays (Kitty's 5th Birthday, Harrington's 3rd Birthday) Valentines (hints for the other half?!), Christmas (A different list for Mine, Hubbys, The Kids, Obi the Dog) and any other occasion.

I have found it fabulous for my kids birthdays as I add presents from all price ranges and my friends can choose knowing that whatever they get will be just perfect.

Each time you go to add something you will be able to select which list it goes to so no need to do all in one go and brilliant for adding far too much then deleting a few when you are finished to create the perfect mix and amount.

Best way to see what I mean is to go play with it yourself....


Oh and of course don't forget your wishlist which is a separate list just for you full of all your favourites to come back to each time you think you deserve a treat... don't wait too long though as many items are one offs so might just not be available if you don't get in quick ;)

Your wishlist (if you have published it to make it public) can be searched for by your e mail address which means if you leave it published all the time then loved ones could pop by without you even really knowing... I just love that idea ;)