Bunny Girls Play Dress Costume

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A charming little girls dress ,handmade in softest fawn coloured cotton corduroy ,with a delightful rabbit applique face,and cute claw paw pockets.

Watch her hop away, to reveal a cheeky little pom pom tail!

Pink spot print trim on pockets with felt claws.

Makes a perfect Easter gift,and something for the Easter egg hunt!

This little dress is sure to be a favourite piece all year round,whilst promoting role play.

Grows with your child with two adjustable buttons. Layer with tights, and can also be worn as a tunic,as she grows.

An exclusive Wild Things character play dress. Handmade in the UK.
Available sizes:

6-12m (garment length:44cm, chest 58cm)

1-2y (garment length: 46cm, chest 60cm)

2-3y (garment length: 49cm, chest 62cm)

3-4y (garment length: 52cm, chest 64cm)

4-5y (garment length: 55cm, chest 66cm)

5-6y (garment length: 58cm, chest 66cm)

6-7y (garment length: 61cm, chest 68cm)


1 Customer Reviews


Fantastic play dress! Very unique my four year old loves it!


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